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Driving Lessons Glasgow Southside are covered by a Southside Driving School.

We have been covering Driving Lessons in Glasgow Southside for a number of years. Steven Love has been working as a driving instructor in Glasgow Southside since 1996!


By a Southside Driving School

We provide driving lessons and pass plus courses in Glasgow Southside. All of our instructors are DSA approved and use dual controlled cars for our students and the publics safety. We have both male and female instructors who will work hard to help you pass your driving test and help you drve safely thereafter. While providing driving lessons in Glasgow Southside we always try to accommodate everyone. We are able to pick you up from school, work, home or anywhere really within a reasonable distance.

Steven has been teaching people to drive since 1996. Spending two years at a reputable driving school gaining experience. Since then Steven has spent lots of time training instructors and has expanded his business into areas throughout Glasgow and the Southside.


how it all starts

Chances are if you’re thinking about or telling people you’re going to learn to drive, everyone you speak to will say ‘Oh I don’t know how I managed before I learned to drive!’

For many people this is very much the case, before learning to drive you may have had to rely on friends or family to drive you places or perhaps were at the mercy of public transport, and depending on trains, buses, or even your own feet to get you to college, work or appointments.


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So many people say that the freedom that comes with learning to drive really is invaluable, that’s why here at our Southside Driving School, we understand the importance of our learners and how they want to pass as quickly as possible. Being able to pass your test and even buy your first car is a massive occasion in anybody’s life and it’s an achievement that we are delighted we can share in.

If you are in the South side of Glasgow and are thinking about learning to drive, then you’ve come to the right place. Our professional instructors want nothing more than for you to pass your test as soon as possible and get you on there on the road and we also hope it means you’ll sing our praises, so that’s why we work extra hard to maintain our fantastic reputation and to get you behind the wheel as soon as we possibly can.

Our instructors based in the Southside of Glasgow, are on hand to coach and support you during every lesson. They allow you to take control of the vehicle, only stepping in when they feel it’s absolutely necessary, so this really teaches you to use your own independence. Our instructors will guide you on your weekly learning as well as give you updates on how you are progressing each week. Before you know it, you’ll be applying for your theory and practical tests.

Get in touch with us now and let us get you driving! You can view some testimonials below.

Alexander Paton Having passed my test first time with accelerate the Southside Driving School, I would have No problems recommending them to anyone wishing to take lessons. All my lesson went well and I was put at ease from the moment I got into the car!

William Lees I can only thank Accelerate, for getting me my wife and my son through the driving test. As soon as my daughter is seventeen I will be phoning to book her in for lessons.

W Rossburgh I had been with other driving schools and felt I wasn’t progressing as I had should. I gave up lessons for while having failed three tests, but my mum had bought me some lessons. I went on to pass my next test with one Minor fault. I can only say thanks!
Our Deal Your Price
1 Hour - Manual £42
10 Hour Block - Manual £400
1 Hour - Automatic £45
10 Hour Block - Automatic £430

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